1. What are art prints?
As a digital artist, I create all my original work using digital tools. Archival art prints are high-quality reproductions of my digital creations. Making art prints available for sale allows me to share my digital work in a physical, tangible form for you to own and enjoy.

2. What is archival printing?
Archival printing involves using high-quality materials and techniques to create prints with longevity. We use 300 gsm fine art matte rag paper for paper prints and 400 gsm satin or matte canvas for canvas prints. With proper care—away from sunlight and humidity—these prints can last for decades without noticeable fading under normal lighting conditions. We highly recommend framing paper prints promptly upon receipt for the best preservation.

3. Why print art instead of enjoying online?
Physical prints evoke feelings and emotions in a way that digital viewing cannot. The tangible nature of a print engages your senses at a deeper level. The tactile experience and having a physical print on your wall invite a deeper, lasting connection that goes beyond pixels, creating a meaningful and personal experience, making the art a more intimate and impactful part of your life.

4. Do you have a physical store?
No, we operate solely online and do not have physical locations. Our art prints are exclusively available through our online store and not sold in any retail stores.

5. What countries do you ship to?
Currently, we ship to the USA, Canada, and India. For more details about shipping rates, processing and delivery times, please refer to our shipping policy.

6. Do you accept returns, exchanges and cancellations?
Please refer to our cancellation policy.

7. Copyrights: Who owns the original artwork?
All rights reserved under the artist © Upasana Govindarajan.
The ownership of all original artworks showcased on this website belongs to the artist. The artist also retains all print rights for all artwork. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, modification, or use of any copyrighted material without prior written consent from the artist is strictly prohibited. For inquiries, please email upasana.g.art@gmail.com. Your understanding is appreciated.

8. Do the prints come with frames?
No, our prints are sold without frames or mounts. 

9. Do you offer custom sizes?
If you can't find the print size you want for any image(s) on the website, please email me at upasana.g.art@gmail.com and I'll explore potential options for you.

10. Do you take commissions?
As of now, I'm not accepting commissions. If this changes, I'll make an announcement on Instagram or through our email list. If you're not on our email list, you can sign up at the bottom of this website.

11. Do you offer art classes?
Currently, I don't offer art classes. However, if I do in the future, I'll announce through Instagram and our email list. If you're not on our email list, you can sign up at the bottom of this website.

12. Do you offer Gift Cards?
Yes! We do offer e-gift cards that don't expire. You can add a personal message and even schedule when you want it delivered to the recipient's email ID. For more info, click here.